Club Connection

Referral Program

The Program

The club connection program is designed to reward fan club founders/leaders or influencers which EPEX approves to participate. This program was created to reward these leaders for what they already do naturally – Spread the word and invite their chapters, members, followers or participants to join them on the Legends of Pittsburgh Vacations!


How it Works

Accept your invitation from EPEX OR submit a request to be considered for this program.  Once you have been accepted to join our club connection program a customer service representative will email you within 72 hours with your club connection code to share with your chapters, members, followers or participants.

As a club connection “Captain” you will receive $100 cash OR $100 Legends Cash for every reservation you refer who uses your referral code and your guest will receive $50 Legends Cash which will be applied to their reservation.

After you have referred 15 cabins with your club connection code, your club will qualify to take part in an exclusive event during the vacation.

You will receive your referral payment after the Legends of Pittsburgh vacation.



Q. Do I have to be booked for the vacation to participate in the Club Connection Program?
No, you can submit an application to be accepted into this program at any time.

Q. What if someone I refer cancels their vacation?
Payments in both Legends Cash or cash payments are not dispersed until the week after of the vacation year, once all final payments have been collected.  You will not be paid on reservations that cancel, even if a partial payment was collected.

Q. Can I refer my spouse?
Household members are excluded

Q. How do I spend my Legends Cash?
Club Connection Captains that choose to accumulate Legends Cash for their referrals can use Legends Cash toward special events or their own reservation balance. If not used within 14 days of vacation, all remaining Legends Cash will be offered as non-refundable reservation credit and available once the vacation starts.   

Captain’s referral(s) will receive $50 credit applied to their reservation.

Q. Do I have to have vacationed with the Legends before to become a Club Connection Captain or if I’m a new guest can I refer others?
As long as you’ve been accepted by EPEX and have received your club connection code and agreed to the terms and conditions to participate in our Club Connection Program you are eligible.

Q. Can a club connection code be used after a reservation has already been booked?
Yes, within 14 days after booking

Q. Can Captain’s Legends Cash be transferred to another guest?
Captain Legends Cash can be transferred to another guest in the same reservations.
Captain Legends Cash is not transferable to other reservations

Q. Can travel agents become Captains?
No. Please contact us at 877.381.5553.

Q.If the Captain’s referral has paid the cabin in full at the time of booking, what happens to the $50?
The funds will be applied as reservation credit



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