Darren Perry: Pittsburgh’s Safety Expert

Hailing from Chesapeake, Virginia, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety and defensive coach Darren Perry created a legacy by setting an example for football fans/players of all ages. Through years of hard work on and off the field, Perry exemplifies the passion and skills that Steeler Nation has come to expect.

High School Athlete Turned Collegiate Superstar

As a highly talented student-athlete who played basketball, football, and tennis for Deep Creek High School, Perry set himself apart as a triple threat. Back in 2007, the Deep Creek High School Alumni Association named Perry as one of their most distinguished notable alumni.

Upon graduation, Darren went on to play for Penn State, where he earned All-American status as a senior. Throughout his time in college football, Perry was a consistent record-setter, achieving new heights for the school in:

  • Interception return yards
  • Interceptions for touchdowns
  • Tied for second-most career interceptions

After a famous win against Notre Dame in November 1990, Perry found himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Darren received well-deserved recognition for his efforts in the game, leading to the game-winning field goal.

Transitioning Into His NFL Career

In 1992, Perry joined the ranks of the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he played for seven seasons from ’92 to ’98. As a rookie, Darren earned the Great Performance Award and went on to start in the first 110 games of his NFL career. Having played in 139 out of 141 games during his time with the Steelers — and missing only two due to an injury — there was never any doubt about Perry’s complete dedication to his beloved team.

After his time with the Steelers, Perry signed with the San Diego Charges in 1999; however, due to a neck injury, he sat out the season. For his final year with the NFL as a player, Darren played for the New Orleans Saints before taking the next step in his football career.

From on the Field to Coaching the Team

Perry remained with the NFL in his new role, starting with the Cincinnati Bengals as a safeties coach in 2002 before heading home with his Steelers family in 2003. He took his on-field experiences and turned them into lessons to teach skills to others. His talent and dedication as a coach helped the Steelers reach the XL Super Bowl in 2005.

After leaving the Steelers in 2006, Darren coached for Oakland and Green Bay. His second trip to the Super Bowl came in 2010 with the Packers.

Life Outside of Football

During the off-season, Perry spends time with his wife and four children. He owns a golf cart rental business and is passionate about property development in Virginia. Darren was named the Chesapeake ICON 2022 Hometown Hero, and that same year, he was named to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame.

Throughout the course of Perry’s career, he was a constant symbol of hard work and knowing how and when to pivot to achieve goals for himself and his teams. As a proud Steelers alumni, Darren Perry is a prime example of what it means to be a leader within the industry.

Welcome Aboard, Darren Perry!

The Legends of Pittsburgh Vacation is excited to welcome Darren Perry to our 2024 lineup!